Kadée Beer Belgium / Belgian high-fermentation beer

Types of Kadée beers

Artisanal beers with carefully selected malt varieties and noble hops. Brewed according to their own recipe, with respect for artisanal products that are selected with a lot of love for beer.

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Kadée Blonde

6.2% 33cl

The Kadée Blonde is surprisingly full-bodied in flavor. In addition, this golden blonde artisanal beer has a very refreshing and full-bodied character.

Kadée Blonde is a clear blond beer with a refined aroma and a full flavor that transitions into a slightly bitter aftertaste. Due to its relatively low alcohol content, this beer can be served both as an aperitif and as a digestive.

This refreshing high-fermentation beer, including the typical bottle fermentation, has a shelf life of 2 years.

To fully enjoy all the aromas, we recommend using the specially designed Kadée glass. Its tulip shape evenly distributes every aroma after pouring the beer.

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Kadée Brown

7.0% 33cl


Those looking for a brown beer that does not taste overpoweringly bitter can fulfill their quest with Kadée Brown.

This dark brown beer contains many aromas that mask the bitter taste produced by hops and malt. The taste of lightly roasted malt is accompanied by flavors such as caramel, chocolate, and dark fruit. A unique combination that deserves to be tasted.

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Kadée Tripel

8.0% 33cl


Our Kadée Tripel has an intense flavor that is well received by both male and female beer lovers. Despite its higher alcohol content, this well-balanced tripel is very easy to drink. This is due in part to its sweet taste and fine foam head.

In addition, both its aroma and taste have hints of citrus fruit and surprise your taste buds from the first sip. This amber-colored beer is also clear, albeit cloudier than our Kadée blonde.

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The unique preparation of Kadée

Kadée beer is brewed according to its own recipe: the original preparation method of the original brewers of the Kadée beer range. Our beers are brewed with respect for artisanal products that are carefully selected.

Both Kadée Blonde, Kadée Brown, and Kadée Tripel have their own specific characteristics, but are above all very tastefully composed. Each beer in our assortment has a long shelf life due to the typical bottle fermentation.

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Kadée storage & serving

Kadée is best stored in a dark, cool place.

A refrigerator does not fall under this description, as the temperature of a refrigerator is too low for optimal maturation.

The beer is best served at a temperature of 6°C to fully come into its own.

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